Heather, Gary and Krystle Downing

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Sometimes it just takes a good imagination to produce great artwork and photography.

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The man with the imagination and a camera in his hand... He loves to travel.



Sometimes we all have a photo or idea for a painting or print and many never know how to make it happen..

We are pleased to say we will do all we can to make you ideas or photos appear in print, in the manner you wish.

Simply send us an email with your wishes..





Is there a print or photo you would love to have but have not seen it yet ???

Maybe something you have an interest in and don't know where to look.

Any of your ideas can come true with a little help of our imagination..



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We do hope you enjoy what you see and we wish to say..



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This was the gift, I created for my Daughter, Heather and her Husband Nick. Since this was created I have been asked to produce more very similar to this,  for others Weddings and Special Occasions.  All with different sayings and many different types of drawings and photos. These pieces are a combination of three different kinds of work. One is a Writing you, yourself can create that we can reproduce to add to the photos and the drawings.  The photos are reproduced from those I have taken and the artwork is a reproduction of one of my own drawings. All original works.



Sometimes what they remember are the special thoughts and moments we all create. If you find you're at a loss for words we have a staff who can create just about anything. If this is what you would love to have for a gift please contact us and let us begin the process of creation.

(The reflection does not allow for a clear picture)


Those who are special should always know we love them. 



Black Ink

What is the statement being made with this symbol ?

If you expect to find out by reading this... 

Think again and make your own statement !

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Gary traveled throughout the United States, photographed, sketched and painted many of those places.

With additional classes in art and photography in, Montana, New England, Florida, Oregon and of course Washington state, where he lives.  He has been producing artwork ever since he was in high school.

He has taught children and adults alike the excitement of producing a piece of art, that can be matted and framed and kept forever. 

Gary said, " If you can produce or help a child create anything to make then smile then do it,  and be pleased you did ".




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